Saturday, October 23, 2010

Why me?

Well as you all know, I have been very sick this last month.  Last Friday everything started all over again.  My diarrhea and vomiting came back.  Saw my doctor on Monday.  He put me back on antibiotics, referred me to a Gastroenterologist and set me up for an ultrasound of my abdomen.  On Thursday this week, I had my ultrasound which was very painful as I was completely full of gas.  Glad I didn't pass any during the test!!  LOL!!
Yesterday I saw my doctor again and he had the results of  my ultrasound.  It shows that my gallbladder is constrained and the walls are thickening.  Which means for me that the gallbladder is not working any more.  So he has recommended that I have surgery to have it removed.  But he has not set up the surgery yet.   Because he wants me to see the Gastro doctor first and make sure that nothing else is going on with my stomach and intestines before having surgery.  I see the Gastro on Tuesday.  I sure hope nothing else is going on.  I'm very tired and sick of being sick!!!  I just want to get better!!


  1. Dearest Friend!! As you know (since we talk so often) I really feel for you at this time! It is soooo NOT fun having other health issues on top of the ones we already deal with on a daily basis.
    You know you have my best wishes and hopes for a quick resolution to your health issues. I'm hoping the GI doc will go ahead and decide to do the surgery ASAP so this can hopefully be taken care of and never bother you again!

    Know that I love you like you are my sister (and probably are, LOL) and I worry about you as much as you worry about me!

    PS> Still waiting on that piece of material!!

    Hugs, kisses and lots of love!


  2. My dear, I've receive you email, and in there days I always thinking of you, in every moment , and crying a lot... Please, tell me that you are O.K.! and you will be strong again and in a very fast way! Let me also know if you need something from Italy...I will send you with my whole heart.... you know, you have a Fairy angel on your shoulder and she will going to take care of you.... With love!