Sunday, July 18, 2010

Last Day Before School Starts

School starts tomorrow!!!!!  WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!  Can ya see me dancin' here???  LOL!!!!

I have definitely been very busy today.  Lots of wash done, getting girls school supplies together and making sure that everything is ready for tomorrow.  Of course, that also means that I am now off of vacation.  Bummer!!!   So I am not looking forward to getting up at 6 am every morning again.  But at least I can just come back home and go back to sleep again.  Hehehehe

Hope that everyone had a great weekend!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Here we go again

Well I thought that I would start a blog again.  Not sure how well I will keep up with it, but will give it a good honest try.
My girls are both starting school on July 19th and I am so EXCITED!!!!  They have been driving me absolutely crazy for the last 7 weeks and I really need a break from them.  They are also very excited to go back to school to see there new teachers and see old friends.
My husband has been working on the weekend's at the vineyard that now has a new owner.  They are very nice and treat my hubby with lots of respect.  Picking will be at the end of this month and we will all be going to help.  Of course, it's always facinating to me how wine is made.
I've been working lots of Passione Ricamo models over the summer.

This is "Fae Eye" copy righted by Passione Ricamo and took me 6 weeks to finish.

This is "Little Spring Fae" copy righted by Passione Ricamo and took me 1 week to finish.

This is  "May Rose Fae" copy righted by Passione Ricamo and took me 5 day to finish.

So as you all can see, Laura has been keeping me very busy.  I also have more models to do.  They are: "Fuchsia Fae", "Little Summer Fae" and "Sunflower Fae"  I am half way done with "Fuchsia Fae" and will post a pic once I am done.

Hope that everyone is having a wonderful summer!!!!!