Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bad 2 weeks

I am starting to think that someone doesn't like me.  LOL!!!  Two weeks ago I fell and ripped my lower right leg from the knee down to mid shin apart.  Then it got infected.  Went to the doctor and put me on antibiotics.  Then last week I started to get 102 temps with severe diarrhea and vomiting. Which I went to my doctor on Monday and he told me that I now have a infection in my stomach and put me on a different antibiotic.  OMG!!!!  Is all this really happening to me????  I am now wondering what else is going to happen to me.  You know that everything happens in "3's" and it's about that time this week for something else to happen.  I surely hope not!!!!  I don't think that I can take any thing else happening to me.

I am just now starting to feel a little better today.  Leg is healing nicely.  Of course, it's at that itchy pealing stage.  And I am now just starting to eat real food today.  I lost 12 lbs in 5 days.  Needed to loose some, but not this way!!!  LOL!!!  I am really tired and know that it will take another week or two before I am totally back up to par.

But my youngest DD has been the best little nurse anyone could ask for.  She is constantly checking up on me and even cooking me grilled cheese sandwich.  She gets my drinks and makes sure that I have everything that I need.  She's going to make a "Super Mom" someday!!!

Well back to bed for me. :(


  1. Super glad to see that you feel well enough to update your blog! LOL Tell Boo I said she is an awesome nurse (must be genetic-coming down from her mom and her "aunt", lol)!!
    I know you haven't gotten much stitching done these past 2 weeks, but I guess I will accept this as an excused absence!!
    Take care and talk with you soon!!

    Love you!

  2. Please, my dear, take care of you! you know how much you are important for me.... I'm wrapping a parcel for you with something that I'm sure you will be better
    LOL !

  3. Thank you both for the well wishes!!! You are so both VERY SPECIAL to me!!!

    Please don't worry, I am taking care of my self. I am feeling better every day. Thank you for being such a wonderful, wonderful friend!!! Can't wait to see what the parcel will bring :)

    Special Hugs & Kisses to you both!!!!