Friday, September 24, 2010

Selene the Moon Goddess - Passione Ricamo Model Finished

Here she is all finished.  Hope that you all love her.  Oh and please keep your fingers crossed that Laura gets her before October 5th for the Milan show.  Thx


  1. Wow!! Shes stunning!! *fingers crossed for Laura* You have done an awesome job :D

  2. Fingers crossed for sure!!! Hope you sent her super expedited mail!! LOL
    As usual, stitching par excellence!! And so quickly! Glad to know the "heart attack" didn't slow you down any, rofl!! :)

    PS-- hope your leg feels better soon!!

  3. Will def keep my fingers cross Dawn.

    WOW she is stunning, you have done an amazing job as always, can't wait to get her and stitch her myself

  4. wow ,przepiękne! prawdziwe cudo My love!